QTSC provides cloud computing infrastructure service


QTSC Telecom Center provides customers with data center infrastructure which includes: servers, storage, networking, security, etc. on the cloud computing platform. QTSC's cloud computing infrastructure is fully invested.

Types of services provided:

  • Virtual Machine leasing (VM: Virtual Machine) provides customers virtual servers with configurable CPU, RAM, storage and number of VMs.
  • Virtual Data Center leasing (vDC: Virtual Data Center) provides customers with an on-demand resource volume, which includes: CPU, RAM, Storage, IP addresses for customers to create and manage their own system, including virtual servers, network connection, information security, and load balancing.

Service features:

  • Synchronize and share data anytime, anywhere.
  • Using advanced technology and equipment system of the world famous brands VMWare, Cisco, NetApp, IBM. Be prepared to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Using virtualized data center (vDC) model, the multi-tenant model ensures information security for each customer.
  • Ensures high availability and uninterrupted service provision of virtual servers.
  • Built-in load balancing for VMs, for applications on VMs.
  • Flexible resource expansion.
  • 24x7 technical support and support.
  • High-speed secure storage.
  • Ensure 100% systematic backups of your system without any intrusion into the system, securing all information.


For further information, please kindly refer to the website: www.telecom.qtsc.com.vn

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