Wisky: Smart wifi marketing

Wisky Solution Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in all services of information technology field; especially Wifi Marketing solution for enterprises, events, hotels and restaurants, entertainment and tourism.

Being an IT applied solution, Wifi Marketing support enterprises to build, manage, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, customer care and brand promotion through Wifi application.

Based on web platform, Wifi Marketing uses the browser to display messages and the ability to reach users. According to Wisky’s statistics from a lot of Wifi Marketing hotspots, there are up to 80%-90% visits from smart phone. This is also the reason for wireless applications through interaction behaviors as Video Watching, Rich Media, APP download, Survey, TextMatch, Quiz, Mobile Game.


Wisky’s main features:

  • Combine marketing and sales
  • Collect the information and analyze database
  • Follow customer’s interactions with social networks
  • Select and control websites content with the aim to prevent harmful ones
  • Create advertisement linking for business or a third party
  • Integrate games and applications bring new experience for businesses
  • Collect customer feedback to get the most appropriate policy.

For more information, please visit website www.wisky.vn