CEO and CTO meeting in May

On May 30, CEO and CTO club of Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) held the periodical meeting in May at TMA Tower, QTSC.

Opening the meeting, Vice President of TMA Solutions Tran Phuc Hong led the delegation to visit TMA Innovation Center and Network Operation Center, its two new centers with nearly 300 programmers who mainly research new technologies and applications towards industry 4.0.

Country Manager of Kaspersky Lab Ngo Tan Vu Khanh continued the meeting with his presentation on Network Security Strategy 2018: Updates on security risks, solutions, and trends; Data protection in software development. Currently, there is a new generation of viruses with artificial intelligence (AI), which can learn themselves and spread strongly in the network, according to Khanh. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure network security, especially protect data out of network attacks.

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