QTSC CEO Club meeting in May 2020

After social distancing due to Covid-19, Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) CEO Club held the first meeting of 2020 with the theme “Together to overcome the Covid-19 crisis” on May 22.

At the meeting, club’s members shared the current situation of companies and schools during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to CEOs, the IT industry has been less affected by Covid-19 and the impacts will be coming later than other industries. Because the main markets of Vietnam IT industry are mainly Japan, Europe and the US, but the epidemiologic situation is still very unpredictable in these countries.

According to some companies, they reached a growth of 10% in the first quarter, others also received new orders during the epidemic, but there were still some customers want to close the contract. In particular, the most significant effect was businesses providing digitization services for the European tourism market, which has been most seriously affected. If this situation continues until the end of 2021, many more companies will find it difficult to keep up with their business. However, most CEOs said that the market would recover in 2021 when the US and some European countries are considering reopening the economy.

Through the meeting, the CEOs also discussed and proposed some specific solutions for each company to find new customers as well as perfect their services to overcome this difficult period.

 CEO meeting in May 2020

Source: QTSC

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