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Vietnam’s IT industry is ranked in the world’s top 5 fastest growing countries, according to Vietnam ICT Summit 2015, thus demand for IT human resource is increasing strongly. In addition, there is a huge lack of IT human resources in Singapore, Japan, etc., so their recruitment wave turned to Vietnamese market.

An analysis from VNITO Alliance shows that comparing to applicants with only basic expertise, others are more likely to success if integrating one of these strengths: good English or Japanese, soft skills, up-to-date knowledge, work experiences and customer care skills. However, Vietnamese universities and colleges haven’t been able to update their curriculum as well as soft skills training program for the students to meet practical needs of IT companies yet.

“IT Workforce Solution Center”, also known as ISC QUANG TRUNG is established by 4 trusted corporations: Quang Trung Software City (QTSC), Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA), VNITO Alliance and SaigonTech with the mission to provide the most effective and practical solutions, in terms of quality IT human resources training. With the demand-driven and constantly updated training content, ISC-QUANG TRUNG aims to help students improve their skills and experience to meet market requirements. The training agenda is also designed to meet the expectation of IT companies, resolve short-term and long-term human resource shortage issues of VNITO members and become an effective bridge between the human resource training units and the employers.


Address: SaigonTech Building, Lot 14, Street No.5, Quang Trung Software City, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: (84) 903 767 188




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