Here are 6 reasons why customers choose QTSC as a reliable destination including:

  • Location
  • Incentives
  • Infrastructure
  • Facilities and services
  • ICT Community
  • Human Resources

1. Location

  • QTSC is located in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) - the largest economic center in Vietnam. It takes only 15 minutes from QTSC to the international Tan Son Nhat Airport and 45 minutes to downtown.
  • QTSC neighbors many hi-tech parks such as biotechnology center, agricultural hi-tech park, medical high tech park and new urban area in western of Ho Chi Minh City to facilitate in trade and cooperation.

2. Incentives

Organizations and enterprises performing new investment projects in QTSC will be enjoyed the following supports:

  • To be entitled to select form of land assignment with collection of land levies, renting ground or subleasing land which has been built the infrastructure as prescribed by law;
  • To be applied the tax rates of enterprise income tax of 10% for 15 years, exempted tax 04 year, reduced 50% of the payable tax for 09 next years for enterprise incomes from implementation of new investment projects at the concentrated information technology park. For enterprises established newly from investment projects in the information technology field with big scale, and need special investment attraction, duration applied the preferential tax rates may be prolonged but total duration applied tax rate of 10% does not exceed 30 years. The Prime Minister shall decide the expansion of duration applied the preferential tax rate of 10% as prescribed at this Clause at request of Minister of Finance;
  • To be exempted import tax for goods imported to create fixed assets and serve for production of information technology products and services of enterprises, including:
  • Equipment and machinery;
  • The special-use means of transport in the technological chain that cannot be produced domestically; means of transport for workers including automobiles of 24 seats or more, and means of waterway transport;
  • Components, details, separate parts, spare parts, fittings, molds and accessories enclosed to assemble synchronously with special-use equipment, machinery, and means of transport specified at point a and point b this Clause;
  • Raw materials, supplies that cannot be produced domestically, used for manufacture of equipment, machinery placed in technological chains or for manufacture of components, details, separate parts, spare parts, fittings, molds and accessories enclosed to assemble synchronously with equipment, machinery specified at point a of this Clause;
  • Construction supplies that cannot be produced domestically.
  • To be enjoyed preferences of export tax for information technology products and services as prescribed by law;
  • To be facilitated for customs procedures in course of export and import of machinery, equipment and information technology products and services;
  • To be enjoyed preferences on investment credit and export credit of State, the national fund for science and technology development and other credit institutions as prescribed by law;
  • To be enjoyed other incentive policies of State applicable to enterprises operating in the hi-tech parks. If an enterprise is subject to be enjoyed many preferential levels as prescribed by law, it will be applied the highest preferential level.

3. Infrastructure

  • Internal road systems, power and water supply systems, drainage systems, transportation roads from down town to QTSC and crossover bridges, public transportation …
  • Telecom systems are connected by fiber optic cable based on MPLS technology. It is directly connected with four international internet portals.
  • QTSC is also an Internet Services Provider (ISP) so it will quickly meet customer demands.
  • Professional technical team and power systems backup 24 x 7 service
  • QTSC’s Datacenter qualified Tier 3 standards.
  • TUV Nord: Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, Information Security System ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

4. Facilities and services 

With the goal of becoming a "green" software area, QTSC is creating a perfect working environment/wastewater with many green trees, beautiful landscapes and standardized wastewater treatment system.

why qtsc

Besides, One-Stop Shop is the key essential service that QTSC provides free of charge for enterprises when investing or operating at QTSC. This service is to support administrative paperwork and create comfortable business environment/wastewater for enterprises, which includes:

5. ICT Community

The global software and IT service corporations such as Concentrix, Hexagon, KDDI, Hitachi Vantara, Swiss Post Solutions, DIGI-TEXX, etc., have decided to invest into QSTC because of its effective and efficient working environment/wastewater. Gathered with top Vietnam enterprises such as TMA Solutions, Misa, Larion, Vina Data, etc., they have created the biggest high quality ICT community with more than 146 domestic and international ICT enterprises. Through this community, QTSC desires to help IT enterprises easily penetrate the domestic market, connect together as well as share resources when implementing large-scale projects.

In addition, QTSC is proud of its business incubator (QTSC Incubator), where supports IT start-ups to overcome their difficulties, risks and challenges in the early stage of starting a business.

6. Human Resources

With 08 human resources training centers specialized in ICT, QTSC is the hub that supplies qualified IT human resources ranging from technicians to master, with nearly 10,000 students, including:

  • FPT Polytechnic
  • Hoa Sen University
  • Saigon Institute of Technology (Official Affiliate of Houston Community College)
  • ICT Training School in Ho Chi Minh City of Department of Information and Mass Communication Institute of Ho Chi Minh
  • Vien Dong College
  • IT Workfore Solution Center (ISC-QUANG TRUNG)
  • Institute for Computational Science & Technology
  • Hoa Sen College

QTSC also connected more than 30 universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City to provide IT training for customer personnel as well as organizing many activities such as Job fair, iDay... to help businesses looking for suitable human resources. 

In 2017, according to KPMG Vietnam, the leading advisory company, QTSC has been ranked 3rd out of 8 evaluated parks, based on the assessment of operational performance using indicators such as occupancy rate, quality of supporting services, on-site infrastructure, etc. The analysis has also placed QTSC 4th among its peers in terms of attractiveness of FDI, number of companies located in the park, concentration rate of IT sectors, quality of human resources, etc. Overall, QTSC stood out for its investment incentives, presence of tenants from various industries, and the sustainable growth of companies located in the park.