Invitation to seminar "Experience in implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects"
The seminar aims to share models and experiences in the implementation and training AI at enterprises - schools – institutes, as well as discuss cooperation between enterprises to promote research and development activities AI application.
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Invitation to "Vietnam ITO Conference 2019"
Inheriting the success of Vietnam ITO Conferences 2017 and 2015 that gathered hundreds of international participants around the world, Vietnam ITO Conference 2019 will be organized in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) on October 23-24, 2019 with the main theme “Vietnam – The Emerged Destination for Innovation”.
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Invitation to register for the World Summit Awards (WSA) 2019
The WSA 2019 has officially opened in the same 8 categories. Submissions for the WSA can contain mobile applications, SMS based products, webpages, databases, kiosk installations, wearables, IoT etc.
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Invitation to "Fukuoka City Business Promotion Seminar 2019"
The seminar purposes to introduce Fukuoka city’s business environment and increase its recognition; promote Vietnam IT company establishment that are interested in Japan market; develop cooperation relationships between Vietnam - Japan IT organizations and partners
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