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Voting for Swiss Post Solutions Vietnam to win The Stevie Awards for Great Employers
The "Employer of the Year" category of the Stevie Awards for Great Employers organized by American Business Awards organization is now open for public voting until August 12th, 2019.
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BTM Global announces Sundo Foods of Vietnam is Live with NetSuite and Point-of-Service Integration Solution
Sundo Foods gains clearer visibility into data, as well as more accurate financial reporting capabilities with BTM Global’s financial localization solution
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Joint Venture for Service Excellence in Vietnam
DIGI-TEXX and Samhammer have decided to combine their excellent and digital services in a joint venture (namely Samhammer Company Limited, located in Anna Building, Quang Trung Software City, Ho Chi Minh City).
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Homa product launching ceremony
Homa Techs Inc. unveils new family of AI on-the-edge multi-protocol IoT Hubs addressing the need of gigabit networking and truly smart solutions for home and building
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DIGI-TEXX: Workshop about Scanning Solution and Digitization
This is a Scanning Workshop at DIGI-TEXX. Our production team and other departments learned and debated knowledge in the digitization industry.
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TMA Innovation Center: Innovation as a Service
TMA Innovation Center is TMA R&D arm focusing on collaborating with universities and partners worldwide to develop innovative solutions and build your next generation of products
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Global CyberSoft to establish AI Innovation Lab
The Lab will focus on developing systems and solutions with the presence of AI. The goals of establishing the Lab include laying systems that are able to observe, analyze and ultimately reason the surrounding environments in order to provide human with helpful assistances.
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Google Cloud Architect Training Course
On April 17th-27th 2019, Global CyberSoft (GCS) was delighted to welcome trainer Mike Riddiford and his team from Google to carry out 10-day intensive training course of Cloud Architect for over 60 technical employees at GCS premises.
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