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In the afternoon of September 11, the CEO club of Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) held a meeting at QTSC Building 9 with the topic on QTSC towards a green, smart city model, hosted by its CEO Lam Nguyen Hai Long.

According to Long, since 2016, QTSC has taken many initiatives to digitize all technical infrastructure, deploy a Geographic Information System (GIS) to manage the park, as well as pilot systems like the Smart Office and Car Detector. In 2017, QTSC continued to implement technology solutions like a bike sharing system to improve internal traffic as well as an environmental management system to monitor 12 wastewater parameters. Other solutions include a smart public lighting system with 157 energy-saving light bulbs and a smart water metering system that helps resolve problems more efficiently and draw up a repair and maintenance plan.

In  addition,  QTSC  has  joined  forces with  a  number  of  organizations  to  research and apply new technologies in agriculture. The Smart Agri system was designed to automate the management processes of greenhouse farming. This project also laid the foundations  for  the  launch  of  the  Agricultural Centre  of  Excellence  in  the  beginning of  2017,  which  covers  an  area  of  2,500 square metres at Lot 3 in QTSC. The center continues to improve and test different models, such as container gardening, hydroponic cultivation for home farms, and seeding robots, among others.

QTSC CEO Lam Nguyen Hai Long introduced the smart city model

QTSC CEO Lam Nguyen Hai Long introduced the smart city model

In  2018,  QTSC  has  collaborated with  software  companies  in  the  park to  conduct  intensive  scientific  research activities as well as promote applied research projects that have a practical socioeconomic  impact.  In  addition,  QTSC has  made  the  most  of  the  companies’ strengths  to  develop  the  Integrated Operation  Centre (IOC)  which  uses  Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to manage and monitor the park. QTSC  has  also  built  a  specialized area to research and develop new products  and  solutions  (QTSC  R&D  Labs). QTSC R&D Labs was established to create a public space for research and development, supporting enterprises in their research as well as attracting many leading experts to work at QTSC.

In  June  2018,  QTSC has  become the first state-owned company in Ho  Chi  Minh  City  to  receive  the  Certificate of Science and Technology Business. This reflects QTSC’s efforts to apply technology to improve efficiency and uplift its image as a tech hub.

Based  on  these  initial  results,  QTSC is striving to optimize existing solutions and develop  new  ones,  gradually  integrate data  and  apps  on  the  same  platform, and build open platforms for third-party customers.

The application of the smart urban model at QTSC is a long-term process and is one of the primary objectives to improve infrastructure and service quality, as well as create a professional living and working environment to serve businesses operating in the park better, Long emphasized.

Overview of the CEO meeting in September 2018

Overview of the CEO meeting in September 2018

Source: Ngoc Hoa - QTSC

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