GS E&C, Korea to explore cooperation opportunities with QTSC

Following a business trip to learn about the operational model of the Quality Tech Solution Complex (QTSC) in June 2023, GS E&C, Korea had its second visit on the afternoon of November 16th.

The delegation led by Mr. Huh, Jin Hong – Senior Vice President, Corporate Investment, Overseas Real Estate Development, Mr. Lee, Hang Jun – General Director, Vietnam Development Business Department. Welcoming and working with the delegation was Mr. Tran Huu Dung – Chairman of QTSC, Mr. Phan Phuong Tung – Director of HCMC Digital Transformation Consulting and Support Center (DXCenter).

Speaking at the meeting, the delegation representative said that GS E&C has made growth as the nation's best level construction company in all project areas, such as plant, power generation, environment, civil engineering, architecture and housing, etc. In an era of global digitization, looking to the future, GS E&C is strengthening its competency developer for investment projects, and focusing more on smart city, technology applications. The company is exploring markets in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. For this purpose, they were eager to visit and exchange more in-depth with the QTSC leadership in order to enhance the cooperation between the two sides.

Sharing with the delegation, Mr. Tran Huu Dung highly acknowledged the interest and positive evaluation of GS E&C for QTSC. In addition to a brief introduction showing QTSC has been the first and largest centralized information technology park in Vietnam, he added that Ho Chi Minh City has been implementing many projects in order to develop digital government, digital economy, digital society. In this context, QTSC, as the unit that ensures the security of the city's data center infrastructure, is continuously upgrading the system, updating state-of-the-art technologies with optimum information security solutions to keep the system operating smoothly, stable and secure. Furthermore, QTSC provides IT infrastructure services to the provinces to implement e-government projects.

Regarding to technology solutions applying in management and development smart home, smart cities, QTSC - a tech-hub is currently attracting more than 150 IT enterprises, of which there are 6 enterprises with a scale of over 1,000 people, together with 650 products, solutions providing for a variety of sectors - will be ready to connect GS E&C with local enterprises that have suitable solutions, as well as share practical experience in activities related to the IT sector.

  Đoàn làm việc và chụp hình lưu niệm tại văn phòng QTSC

  Đoàn làm việc và chụp hình lưu niệm tại văn phòng QTSC

 Working and taking souvenir photo at QTSC’s office

  Tham quan thực tế một doanh nghiệp startup đang hoạt động trong khuôn viên QTSC

 Tham quan thực tế một doanh nghiệp startup đang hoạt động trong khuôn viên QTSC

 Visiting a startup operating in QTSC campus

Source: QTSC

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