ISC-Quang Trung’s enrollment announcement for “IT project internship” program in class XIII


ISC-Quang Trung would like to announce that the 13th "IT project internship" class for senior and fresh-graduated students will start on September 21st 2020. Improving the annual "IT project internship" curriculum incrementally, ISC-Quang Trung helps Vietnamese students adapt and integrate into the IT enterprises' professional, dynamic, and modern working environment after finishing the program. 

1. Studying at a 20 million USD building

During a 4-month program, ISC-Quang Trung's students have a chance of studying and practicing at SaigonTech, one of four ISC-Quang Trung's co-founding organizations. With the investment of 20 million USD, this American standard building is well equipped with modern facilities and equipment, the system of Cisco Lab, Mobile Lab (Android, IOS), Simulation Lab, Coffee Lab, so on. And that will satisfy the needs for studying.
The American standard building is well equipped with modern facilities and equipmen

SaigonTech - an American standard building is well equipped with modern facilities and equipment

2. An opportunity for 100 percent scholarship

ISC-Quang Trung will award the 50 percent scholarship for those who pass the admission test. Besides, students can have a chance to receive a 50 percent scholarship and get job offers from enterprises after finishing the program.

Therefore, students not only learn a qualified-program for free of charge but also have the opportunity of working at large-scale companies with a good chance of career promotion.

3. "3 in 1" training curriculum

The training curriculum helps students revise what they learned at university and gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and foreign language to meet the requirement of the software companies. 

The program is regularly updated with the latest technologies being implemented for large IT firms. Simultaneously, the program also focuses on practicing and on-job training to help students enhance essential soft-skills and accumulate work experience. 

Additionally, students can improve English through English-compiled lesson plans, a multicultural studying environment and a wide range of activities that having foreigner's participation.
The training curriculum is designed as the needs of IT companies

The training curriculum is designed as the needs of IT companies

4. The program certificate

Students will receive the program certificate granted by ISC-Quang Trung's four co-founding organizations, including VNITO Alliance - Vietnam Digital Technology Alliance, QTSC – Quang Trung Software City, SaigonTech– The Official Affiliate of Houston Community College (Texas, US) in Vietnam, and HCA – Ho Chi Minh Computer Association.

Besides, the program certificate is recognized by ten leading software companies founding VNITO Alliance. With this certificate, students are having a big advantage compared to others and highly evaluated by IT enterprises for getting job offers.

5. Visiting leading enterprises

Site-visit is the most robust activity of the "IT project internship" program. Besides the opportunity to experience the actual working environment, students are shared about companies' information, exchanging with experienced IT engineers. Large companies such as TMA Solutions, Hitachi Vantara Vietnam, Larion, DIGI-TEXX, LogiGear, IMT Solutions, SPS, etc. always welcome and bring job opportunities to ISC-Quang Trung's students.

Hình 3 – Học viên ISC Quang Trung tham quan TMA Solutions

ISC-Quang Trung's students visiting TMA Solutions

6. Great job opportunities at VNITO's member companies

Finally, one of the most interesting benefits for ISC students is job opportunities. After graduation, students are guaranteed to be interviewed by at least three member companies of VNITO Alliance. With the strategic cooperation between ISC-Quang Trung and leading IT enterprises, 100 percent of students will get a suitable job with attractive salary at the beginning.

The program is open to all IT final-year students and fresh graduates.

Expected opening date for the 13th "IT project internship" class: 21/09/2020

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Address: SaigonTech, Lot 14, Quang Trung Software City, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0903 767 188/ 0943 77 83 80/ 0908 23 27 00

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