IT students of Binh Duong University to visit QTSC

In the morning of September 16, nearly 30 students of Binh Duong University majoring in IT, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, had a site visit to Quality Tech Solution Complex (QTSC).

Within the framework of the program, students had a chance to visit the professional working environment at Atalink company operating in QTSC. According to the company, it will create a cooperation bridge between Binh Duong University and businesses so that students can easily access and connect with businesses wishing to recruit, receive work and practice opportunities.

In addition, Atalink supports training for students with necessary knowledge and skills, and gives students practical experience with 4.0 technology solutions. Support universities and colleges to promote the school's brand, as well as improve training quality through the working environment at Atalink.

Following the program, students moved to visit QTSC Museum. Here, they were introduced by QTSC’s representative to the history of formation and important milestones of QTSC over the past 21 years. Thereby, helping young people to imagine that this is the first and largest centralized IT park in Vietnam. Up to now, QTSC has attracted 146 ICT companies including 6 large-sized ones with over 1,000 employees. More than 650 IT products, services and solutions have been deployed and gone to market. With great efforts and contributions, QTSC has truly become a tech hub for more than 21,000 people studying and working regularly.

 IT students of Binh Duong University to visit QTSC

 IT students of Binh Duong University to visit QTSC IT students of Binh Duong University to visit QTSC

Source: QTSC, Atalink

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