MBA students from Georgetown University, USA visited QTSC

After the survey trip at the beginning of November 2022, the representative of Georgetown University, USA organized a delegation of nearly 40 MBA students to visit Quality Tech Solution Complex (QTSC) on the morning of March 7th, 2023.

Georgetown University often leads MBA students to visit and learn about the operating model of QTSC - one of the most successful software parks in Vietnam and standing out among the technology parks in Asia.

 Georgetown University MBA students took souvenir photos at QTSC

Georgetown University MBA students took souvenir photos at QTSC.

Visiting QTSC this time, in addition to listen to an overview of the process of formation and development as well as the position of QTSC on the world technology map, the students were guided to visit the Integrated Operation Center (IOC) of QTSC. This is a system built on three platforms including technology infrastructure, service infrastructure and urban infrastructure, with more than 12 integrated modules serving the management and operation of the whole park.

Visiting QTSC IOC 

Visiting QTSC IOC.

Following the program, the students visited EduNet - a technology startup operating at QTSC R&D Labs. EduNet specializes in hologram advertising technologies, water/air environment monitoring systems and sensors, smart agriculture, wide range wifi…

Visiting EduNet company 

Visiting EduNet company.

Then, the delegation continued to visit TMA Solutions. This is a company that in the last 3 years has guided for some MBA students from Georgetown University and highly appreciated the quality of the school's students.

 Visiting TMA Solutions

Visiting TMA Solutions.

Source: QTSC

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