Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Recognized by IDC as a Leading Solution in Financial and Accounting Management

IDC MarketScape is an analytical and evaluation tool for service providers in the Information and Communication Technology sector, developed by the International Data Corporation (IDC). 

With over 60 years of experience and a team of 1,300 analysts worldwide, IDC MarketScape provides comprehensive and detailed reports on market competitors. These reports are presented in the form of in-depth studies, accompanied by illustrative charts and tables. With a rigorous and reliable research methodology, IDC MarketScape has established itself as a trusted reference in the Information and Communication Technology industry. 

Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Recognized by IDC as a Leading Solution in Financial and Accounting Management

IDC MarketScape's Evaluation of Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

In the 2023-2024 IDC MarketScape study, Oracle NetSuite was ranked as the leading financial and accounting software solution for medium-sized enterprises (with annual revenue of $10 million or more). 

The IDC MarketScape chart, with the x-axis representing strategy and the y-axis representing capability, positioned Oracle NetSuite highly, surpassing other software due to two key highlights: 

Industry Specialization (corresponding to the y-axis – capability of the IDC MarketScape chart)

Oracle NetSuite offers industry-specific functions, supporting businesses in various sectors such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, healthcare, and hospitality. These functions include financial management tools, reporting and analytics, regulatory compliance, and data security. 

Industry specialization allows Oracle NetSuite to provide tailored solutions for each industry, optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing competitiveness. Businesses can easily adopt best practices and achieve higher performance. 

With industry-specific functions, NetSuite helps businesses overcome specific challenges in each field and achieve sustainable success. Businesses can minimize risks, enhance regulatory compliance, and optimize financial management, thereby improving operational efficiency and achieving business goals. 

High Adaptability (corresponding to the x-axis – strategy of the IDC MarketScape chart)

Oracle NetSuite is designed for commercial, manufacturing, or service businesses from inception to expansion into a corporate model. The system provides flexible and efficient transaction recording, accounts payable and receivable management, tax collection, and bookkeeping. 

High adaptability allows Oracle NetSuite to quickly meet changing market and business demands, enabling businesses to scale without needing to change their current financial management system. 

With Oracle NetSuite, businesses can grow sustainably and flexibly, saving time and costs in financial management. This allows businesses to focus on business development and achieve strategic objectives. 

Additionally, Oracle NetSuite has been localized to meet the needs of Vietnamese businesses. The localized accounting package complies with Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS), helping businesses easily comply with local regulations. Furthermore, Oracle NetSuite integrates electronic invoicing, banking, and e-commerce, optimizing financial and business management processes. These improvements make it easy for Vietnamese businesses to adopt and leverage the benefits of advanced ERP systems, enhancing efficiency and achieving sustainable development. 

Download the IDC study: [HERE]

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BTM Global provides consulting, integration, and implementation services for Oracle NetSuite ERP & CRM systems on the cloud platform. Additionally, we offer Data Warehouse solutions and Oracle & E-Commerce solutions for the retail sector, from small retail chains to renowned global retail corporations. 

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