QTSC Drive - Smart Digital Data & Security Platform

As a part of transforming process to become a smart city, QTSC has deployed to provide a platform for enterprises named QTSC Drive - Smart Digital Data Management & Security Platform. QTSC Drive helps your business to increase 100% security for sharing confidential information with client/partner and reduce 50% time for communicating and collaborating on business.

Nowadays, large companies must share confidential reports and other information among their top executives including the Board of Directors. In this case, security and confidentiality is most important. QTSC Drive is a cloud computing platform on security, storage, management and sharing database for business and Government. 

Unlike other cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft One Drive, QTSC Drive protects documents in transit, at rest and at work with Information Right Management (IRM) technology to allow business owner fully control their documents even after they have been shared, downloaded; manage the access to open, print/copy/edit or revoke documents every time, everywhere. 

 QTSC 689Cloud – How it works

QTSC Drive – How it works

Highlight key features:

  • Collaboration: Sharing the file timely with internal and external stakeholders at anytime and anywhere. Storing all the files into shared cloud storage for sharing, collaborating, and developing.
  • Prevent documents from being copied: Protecting your confidential information with IRM (Information Rights Management) technology. Automatically encrypted to protect the information, even after sharing the file with wrong person.
  • Track & Control: You can control your information forever. You can track your shared files at any time, and able to stop sharing at any time. You can know how many times or how many people open the file by integrated control manager.
  • Powerful Administration: Enterprise-level administration features allow for detailed management of users, groups, permissions, and collaborations.


- Improve Productivity Get more Profit

  • QTSC Drive is more efficient and easier than E-mail, FTP, or on-premise solution
  • RICOH MFP Smart Printer solution allows printing and scanning documents directly to the cloud storage system.
  • Improve the speed of communication in the company

- Improve Security Compliance with Law/Reduce Risk

  • QTSC Drive can protect sensitive documents so that only authorized people can open
  • Stop copy, print, screen capture to prevent data leaks and spying

- Comply with regulations for disclosure of sensitive information

Source: QTSC

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