QTSC deployed Smart Water solution

Moving towards a smart city model, QTSC has been implementing a lot of new technologies and applications for operation activity. Since 2017, QTSC has deployed Smart Water solution in the management and supply of clean water for customers in the park.

With nearly 100 water meters of all sizes, the management and loss control of water consumption required 24/7 continuous monitoring to ensure the interests of customers as well as QTSC’s management quality.

Smart Water is a technological solution that monitors the water usage of customers, records the monthly water consumption indexes automatically, stores the data and exports the billings, which could be integrated with customers’ management system, or sent directly to customers via text message, email, mobile application, hard copy or website.

Typical benefits of Smart Water for QTSC:

  • Reduce mistakes during reading and recording of water consumption indexes.
  • Shorten the time to read and record water consumption indexes, send billings and track payments.
  • Detect water leakage in each household/region.
  • Reduce personal, managing and operational costs.
  • Improve operational efficiency through convenient and modern customer care services.

 smart water

Smart Water’s management system

 location map of devices

Location map of devices

Water leakage monitoring 

Water leakage monitoring

Source: QTSC

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