QTSC Telecom Center – Service and Solution Provider of IT infrastructure, information security, and technology applications

As a member of QTSC, QTSC Telecom Center has the function of providing a wide range of IT infrastructure and information security services, as well as technology applications for local and nationwide enterprises. Additionally, QTSC Telecom Center extends its IT infrastructure services to provinces for the implementation of e-government projects.

In line with its development strategy for the new period, QTSC sets a mission of providing comprehensive, diversified, reliable quality technology services and technology park infrastructure to promote rapid development for businesses, departments, agencies and communities in the digital economy environment. Following this overarching development orientation, QTSC Telecom Center researches and develops to provide the following services:

Information Technology Infrastructure:

  • Infrastructure services
  • Disaster recovery site services (DR Site)
  • Cloud computing infrastructure services
  • Internet leased line services

Information Security:

  • Data backup and recovery services
  • Information security services

Technology Applications:

  • Online meeting system
  • Document digitization services
  • Investment project management system
  • Document management, storage, sharing, and security system (QTSC Drive)
  • Email services

QTSC Telecom Center continually upgrades its systems, incorporating advanced technologies for telecommunications network infrastructure, data centers, cloud computing infrastructure, and security systems. This commitment ensures the quality of services, and the stable and secure operation of customers’ applications in the online space.

QTSC Telecom Center

QTSC Telecom Center


QTSC Telecom Center

Address: QTSC Telecom Center building, QTSC, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: (84-28) 3715 8888 – Ext 900

Email: sales@qtsc.com.vn 

Website: https://telecom.qtsc.com.vn  

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