The Can Tho City delegation explored the concentrated information technology park

A Cần Thơ City delegation visited to explore the operating model of the Quality Tech Solution Complex (QTSC) on the afternoon of December 21st, 2023. The purpose of the visit was to gain insights into the management, operation, and exploitation of the concentrated information technology (IT) park.

Leading the delegation was Mr. Nguyen Van Tuoi, Deputy Director of the Cần Thơ City Development Investment Fund. Chairing the meeting was Chairman of QTSC Mr. Tran Huu Dung.

Established in 2001, QTSC earned recognition in April 2009 as Vietnam's first concentrated IT park. As a leader in promoting the development of the IT industry in Ho Chi Minh City and the entire country, QTSC sets a long-term goal to become a leading enterprise in providing technology services and developing technology park infrastructure. The aim is to elevate QTSC to the forefront of the IT industry map in the Southeast Asia region. As of now, the Ministry of Information and Communications has appraised QTSC as the largest and most successful concentrated IT park in the country.

With plans to establish a concentrated IT park in Cần Thơ, QTSC represents an operating model that the delegation eagerly sought to explore, exchange ideas, and learn from experience. During the working session, various specific issues were discussed such as:

  • Developing mechanisms and policies to support incentives for investors, organizations, and enterprises operating within the concentrated IT park. This aims to ensure competitiveness in land rental prices and related services to attract investments;
  • Mechanisms for operation, management, and exploitation within the area;
  • Promotion of investment attraction activities within the area;
  • Future development planning and expansion directions for the concentrated IT park upon reaching full capacity.

With over 22 years of experience in managing and operating the concentrated IT park, QTSC shared valuable information with the delegation. This included insights derived from practical operations, lessons learned, advantages and challenges faced, as well as remarkable achievements that have solidified QTSC's position and brand on the regional and international technology landscape.

 The Can Tho City delegation worked at QTSC

The Can Tho City delegation worked at QTSC

Source: QTSC

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