Vietnam Cloud & Datacenter Convention 2022

The central government’s decision to safeguard Vietnam’s geopolitical boundaries vis a vis 5G has massively changed the nation’s Cloud Computing, and Datacenter landscape. Vietnam’s decision to award Viettel, the nation’s largest Telecommunications firm, with the first 5G trial license is a clear signal that Cybersecurity remains at the heart of Connectivity development. Viettel partnered with Nordic companies such as Nokia and Ericsson, to supplement their 5G kit. The success of the rollout is a clear indication that the unique path taken by the Central Government to secure national security interest above all is a viable and fiscally responsible option. With national providers showing greater independence, the Cloud Computing and Datacenter market is set to witness accelerated growth.

Hanoi, as the capital of Vietnam, lies at the heart of the country’s push toward Industry 4.0. The Cybersecurity focus of the Cloud Computing and Datacenter ecosystem warrants a strong partnership with Governmental organizations. In tandem with developing 5G through the prism of national and cybersecurity, is the outsized growth in the number of  internet users within Vietnam. Internet penetration amongst Vietnam’s population of close to 96 million people, has enjoyed a growth of more than 40% this year. Breaking down the numbers into context, this marks current internet reach at 60 million users. Recognising this, Vietnam’s government has embarked on a master plan for national digital transformation, pledging US$415 million towards the ICT sector by 2020  (Source: BMI Vietnam Information Technology Report 2016 ). The level of infrastructure support along with the implementation of Data Sovereignty Laws (once again with an eye towards cybersecurity) has already attracted interest from a myriad of international heavyweights like Apple, Facebook and Google.

W.Media’s VNCDC-Hanoi aims to bridge key governmental organisations and state-owned enterprises with their counterparts in the international market. The event also features a soft launch of W.Media’s two new colocated conventions, W.Media’s Cybersecurity Convention, and W.Media’s Sustainable Build Convention. Ultimately, the Conventions create partnerships that will secure as well as further drive Vietnam’s emergence as the Cloud Computing, and Datacenter hub in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Time: 8AM – 5PM September 15th, 2022

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Vietnam Cloud & Datacenter Convention (Ha Noi) 2022

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