5D Agrisolutions provides Hyperspectral Imaging technology for detecting counterfeit fertilizer and fake wine

5D Agrisolutions is a company specializing in researching and applying global technology trends for solving agriculture problems in Vietnam.

Recently, the company has deployed Hyperspectral Imaging technology to detect counterfeit fertilizer. Hyperspectral Imaging is a technique combining near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy and the latest digital imaging technology. By analyzing the spectral and spatial information contained in each pixel of the image, it is possible to identify different components obtained in the same objects because each item has its own unique spectral signatures. Up to date, the technology is still costly and strange in Vietnam, but quite popular in the world.

5D Agrisolutions’ the first step of research and applications regarding hyperspectral imaging technology has achieved successful results. The technology allows identifying the level of methanol in wine, fake wines, and a wide swath of vegetation in lack of water based on Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), etc.

  The identification of vegetation greenness based on NDVI

The identification of vegetation greenness based on NDVI

System features:

- The system is faster and more efficient than the conventional analytical methods for chemical.

- Be useful in various fields in real-life.

- Be widely applied in large areas.

- Have a control and analysis software through smartphone and computers.

- Ensure high accuracy.


- Research and develop applications as user’s purposes.

- Bring high economic efficiency compared to the conventional method.

- Shorten time to analyze and identify the biochemical concentration of plants and materials.


- Hyperspectral camera in the wavelength range from 400nm to 1000nm.

- Light source.

- Electricity and battery.

For more information, please access to https://5d-agrisolutions.com 

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