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C-HUB – Multi-dimensional connection solution for Smart City

Through research and application of modern technology to support digital transformation towards digital government, especially in improving methods, processes of information exchange and interaction among citizens, businesses, and state agencies, QTSC and its partners have developed the C-HUB solution.

QTSC Telecom Center: Information security service provider

QTSC Telecom Center is a provider of cybersecurity services licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications. QTSC has invested in deploying advanced security systems using cutting-edge technologies from leading global security firms to ensure the stable and secure operation of clients' IT systems in cyberspace.

QTSC Telecom Center: Superior information technology infrastructure

QTSC Telecom Center is a unit that provides telecommunications services, data center service, cloud computing infrastructure services and information security services with advanced technologies and equipments which come from major technology supplier in the world such as Cisco, Checkpoint, Imperva, Trend Micro...  and are regularly updated and upgraded to ensure service quality and to responde customer requirements.

QTSC provides the TECH ONE telecommunications service integrated office product package

With the objective of developing office rental services that integrate essential technology solutions aligned with QTSC's long-term development direction, we have developed the TECH ONE telecommunications service integrated office product package.

Gifu Kogyo Vietnam: Software solutions for Japanese and Vietnamese market

Gifu Kogyo Vietnam Co., Ltd (GKV) was established in February, 2007 with 100% Japanese investment. The head office is located in QTSC, District 12, HCM City.

Aegona - Trusted Partner for Online Learning Software

Explore Aegona's reliability in the field of online learning software. With many years of experience and diverse development capabilities, Aegona helps you build unique and effective E-learning software.

QTSC provides Antivirus Services for enterprises

Currently, QTSC Telecom Center has been providing the antivirus service for enterprises using QTSC's Data Center. This system performs a comprehensive security platform for servers but simple and low-priced.

QTSC implemented Automatic Meter Reading solution

On the way to turn into a smart and modern software city, QTSC has incessantly studied and stepped up applying technology solutions in operation management.

QTSC provides document digitization solutions for creating district-level database

QTSC has applied the technology in digitizing documents to convert from paper documents stored in stock or document cabinets into digital documents stored in computers, servers or digital storage devices.

MiGuards - Security guard management system

The challenges currently faced by security companies involves the time logged in by the guards, incidents captured, guard’s location, and so on. With a view to resolve that issue, QTSC and partners have developed the system of guard control and monitor named MiGuards, which enable better security guard tracking using GPS.

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