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QTSC provides data backup and restore service

To support our customers assure their business activities and feel safe for data security, QTSC has provided tools and storage capacity on the cloud infrastructure to back up the data safely and quickly.

DIGI-TEXX provides Invoice processing experience technology and smart validation techniques

DIGI-TEXX processes invoices in different formats possible for more than 30 languages; ensuring all customers receive data timely with high accuracy. Its self-developed application plus intelligent techniques guarantee the acceleration of overall performance and reduction of errors.

QTSC implemented Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system

The investment in Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system, marking an obvious advancement in science and technology-related applications, helps enterprises increase productivity, get the operation management better, and save time on collecting consumption data.

DIGI-TEXX: Image Quality Enhancement – A vital data processing technology deciding the quality of output data

In Digi-Texx’s data processing operation, especially when it comes to processing our client’s Historical Documents from the 14th century, the quality of the pre-processed images is one of our challenges and top priority.

LARION: An e-learning platform

LARION developed a web-based platform to deliver personalized, adaptive learning applications that are able to raise math scores for 90% of users.

Automatic body temperature measurement solution is applied in QTSC

In the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, QTSC has cooperated with local businesses to research a lot of technological solutions aiming to protect community health and prevent the spread of epidemic.

QTSC implements SureMEET online collaboration service

SureMEET is an online collaboration solution, including online meeting/learning/conference, with high interaction helping to improve work efficiency, reduce travel costs...

QTSC deploys the water supply SCADA system and the groundwater quality monitoring system

With an aim to become a green software park, Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) has constantly applied new technologies into the internal environment monitoring. Especially, QTSC has deployed a SCADA system for monitoring water supply network and the groundwater quality monitoring system in 2020.

Deploying the automatic wastewater monitoring system in QTSC

Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) launched an automatic wastewater monitoring system intending to monitor wastewater output quality and directly send the information to the Environmental monitoring center – HCMC Department of Natural Resource and Environment following regulation.

5D Agrisolutions provides Hyperspectral Imaging technology for detecting counterfeit fertilizer and fake wine

5D Agrisolutions is a company specializing in researching and applying global technology trends for solving agriculture problems in Vietnam. Recently, the company has deployed Hyperspectral Imaging technology to detect counterfeit fertilizer.

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