Automatic body temperature measurement solution is applied in QTSC

In the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, QTSC has cooperated with local businesses to research a lot of technological solutions aiming to protect community health and prevent the spread of epidemic.

Recently, QTSC has applied the technology of remote temperature measurement developed by TMA Innovation Center at TMA Building and QTSC Building 1 in order to screen people who are suspected to be infected with SARS-CoV-2.

The device automatically measures the body temperature of people passing through and alerts by the intelligent image processing system. When you come close, the device will automatically measure your body temperature, and if it exceeds 37.5o, the device will issue an audible and visual alert. This automatic body temperature measuring device is applicable to buildings, isolation areas that need to control who come in/out and replace manual checking method, as well as reducing direct contact, limiting the risk of infection, bringing high safety.

After testing solutions separately, the device has been upgraded and integrated with more functions. In this new version, applications such as checking whether people are wearing face mask, measuring body temperature from a distance and recognizing face were integrated in a single platform. Despite integrating many features, the device still ensures high accuracy, easy to install and use everywhere with compact design.

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Integrating applications in a single device

The solution has been researched and developed with complete functions and low cost to support customers in this difficult period. In case customers need to use in a short time, QTSC and TMA will support the rental of products with cost savings.

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