Covisoft: Educational software for mobile

Common Vision Software Company Limited (Covisoft) is a company with 100% foreign-owned capital with the head quarter in South Korea, branch in Canada and research & development facility in Vietnam.

Covisoft  has a large and diverse partner base in 6 countries around the world such as Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, Germany, and Vietnam. They are working together on projects in multiple areas, including: navigation systems, moblie applications, image processing, website designer, etc. Agile Software Development (Agile), which based on iOS and Android platform, has been applied in many projects as customer’s request.

Currently, Covisoft provides the educational software on mobile (named MCast University) for the market in Singapore and Israel with features below:

- This software is to design online courses through video and is studied on mobile devices

- The software test user's capability to absorb lessons through interactive questions on the video

- Final tests to assess their general practioners studies

- Users can interact directly with the teachers who designed courses and related materials. Discussion with other members of this course

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