DIGI-TEXX provides Invoice processing experience technology and smart validation techniques

Digi-Texx, the leading BPO company in Vietnam with more than 1,500 employees, providing the series of services for meeting the customer’s needs all around the world.

Up to date, Digi-Texx providing services which enable to handle all accounting tasks. Beginning with receiving invoice, scanning, data entry, validating the invoice data, verifying invoice data with other pre-processed documents like vendor evaluation, purchase order, deposit note, delivery note, and analyzing the invoice data for business insights. Digi-Texx processes invoices in different formats possible for more than 30 languages; ensuring all customers receive data timely with high accuracy. Its self-developed application plus intelligent techniques guarantee the acceleration of overall performance and reduction of errors.

  DIGI-TEXX provides Invoice processing experience technology and smart validation techniques

Invoice processing platform: customized for each single invoice project.

DIGI-SOFT 3.0 platform allows Digi-Texx project managers to set-up  invoice processing projects. The platform supports live reporting and monitoring to simplify the project management. 

Projects can be designed by a drag and drop function to build different workflows. A workflow defines how an invoice will be processed from A to Z. The platform offers unlimited predefined and customizable services like image selecting service, encrypting/decrypting, file transferring, form recognition and auto-classification, classification, auto data extraction, data entry, double data entry, exception handling, quality control at different levels, delivery and many others.

For more information: digi-texx.vn

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