DTT: Enterprise architecture consultant

DTT Technology Group is a provider of all-inclusive and comprehensive solutions and services in information technology – telecommunications for clients worldwide. Since its establishment, DTT has achieved various breakthrough accomplishments. The growth rate has always been increasing year-on-year, with the number of employees rising continuously each year.

Currently, DTT has had its member companies and affiliations in Vietnam (Ha Noi, Da Nang and Quang Trung Software City), the US and Singapore and a portfolio of global clients in different industries. With the operation strategy in mind: “To apply the global knowledge to serve Vietnam and provide Vietnam’s resources to the international market” – DTT wishes to become a leading enterprise in Vietnam in services quality and effectiveness of IT knowledge based activities.

In the global market, DTT is one of the pioneering companies in Vietnam that operates in the field of software outsourcing since 2000. The software engineer staff, who are certificated by Carnegie Mellon, have been putting tremendous efforts to bring the highest “Return on Outsourcing (ROO)” to many major clients all over the world with the formula of A3*C3=ROO.

In Vietnam market, currently DTT has been providing solutions for e-Government and enterprise integration solutions for enterprises and organizations. A significant majority of key governmental ministries and departments, as well as major financial companies and organizations in Vietnam, have been DTT’s past and ongoing clients. DTT is also a leading business in implementing PPP model to promote the effectiveness and quality of social infrastructure services such as Education, Culture, and Healthcare thanks to profound technical know-how in Information Technology.

- Main operating fields

  • Providing IT services regarding strategy consultancy, enterprise architecture, and enterprise integration.
  • Enterprise IT integrated solution, software outsourcing
  • Providing and implementing Public – Private Partnership (PPP) projects based on IT in the fields of education, healthcare, and culture.

For more information, please visit: www.dtt.vn