Gifu Kogyo Vietnam: Software solutions for Japanese and Vietnamese market

Gifu Kogyo Vietnam Co., Ltd (GKV) was established in February, 2007 with 100% Japanese investment. The head office is located in QTSC, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City. They currently have 80-100 employees, 47 persons had been professionally trained at the parent company in Japan for the period from 1 ~ 2 years.

The company regularly organizes classes on quality management to train the staff mastering their jobs follow Japanese working style, the goal is to make our products consistently qualify strict quality standards of Japanese companies… The company currently provides services in 2 fields:

Sector 1:

Deploy technical drawing for mechanics, steel structures, construction, road and bridge, architecture, etc. The company is cooperating with Lilama 18 factory to produce frame products for tunnel (Formwork), bridge, etc… export to Malaysia, Cambodia.

Sector 2:

The aim of bringing highest economic efficiency with ability of self-managing the resource in an optimal way. GKV also specializes in designing management software and website follow customer’s requirements, intends to bring you efficient methods of management.



With the motto: “Innovation and evolution are the lodestar, self-thinking, quick action”, GKV always wish to bring satisfaction to its customers by providing high quality products, best services with the highest economic efficiency.

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