Huong Viet Group develops a marking software Mark.test

Huong Viet Group Joint Stock Company (Huong Viet Group) was established in 2008. During more than 10 years of establishment and development, Huong Viet has become a leader in providing software for training, training course management and document digitization in Vietnam. The software such as Avina, Intest, Lantest, Marktest, etc. has been implemented to nearly 20,000 schools, accounting for nearly 60% of the market share of specialized software for high school education.

In particular, Mark.test is an automatic marking system, which has been developed with the aim of saving marking time and ensuring fair and accurate results. Mark.test is designed to mark all tests being created by various mixing software, such as directly from scanners and from image files. The software also helps to provide accurate statistics and quick search in case students have any appeals and complaints. Specifically, the software usage is simple and easy for users.

Beginning with software packages for the education sector, the company has so far had 3 major solution packages, more than 10 software products and 2 key systems to support education and service agencies, enterprises and schools: E-office system software, Educational data connection software, Triviet teacher assistance software (Software preparing lessons, exams and lectures for online learning, etc.); Educational administration software, GIS software in keeping track of the epidemiologic situation in the health sector.

Several software that Huong Viet Group is developing  

Several software that Huong Viet Group is developing


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