Internet Hospital Intelligence Solution - iHIS

PowerSoft JSC is a company specializing in ERP software solutions and services; especially in the fields of health and internet hospital.

Currently, PowerSoft serves hospitals with the iHIS (internet Hospital Intelligence Solution), which meet the request of output data in assessment reports of health insurance cost as well as the management systems.

iHIS’s main features:

-       Support hospital staff in managing medical examination

-       Support hospital leaders in following medical examination as quickly as possible, from which to make reasonable adjustments for each period.

-       Access the data system quickly in order to take decisions, appropriate policies based on these reports, statistics.

-      Implement electronic medical records management in the near future.

In addition, iHIS helps increase the efficiency of hospital management and administration, exchange information between departments/sections quickly and accurately, as well as create trust for patients when treating in the hospital through all their information storage.

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The iHIS interface