QTSC applied GIS Technology

In 2016, QTSC is cooperating with Vietbando Company to deploy spatial asset management system in the infrastructure management of Quang Trung Software City.

Spatial asset management system is a system to manage and operate spatial asset based on GIS technology. This application provides users with the tools for:

a) Managing data and infrastructure information such as electricity, water, sewage, plants, land plots, buildings, ect. on the same layer of base map

b) Decentralized management, updating and sharing of data information among users including:

- Provide decentralized tool for managers

- Import - export data in multiple formats

- Analysis , modeling , searching data , reports and statistics in many different forms

The goal of this program in order to improve quality service, life quality for individuals and companies working in Quang Trung Software City. In the future , through many applications such as GIS , Voice app , environment/wastewater monitoring and managing solutions and, SMS sending app, ect.,  will develop QTSC to a Smart City


GIS Model


Spatial Data Infrastructure of GIS

Source: QTSC