QTSC implemented Automatic Meter Reading solution

On the way to turn into a smart and modern software city, QTSC has incessantly studied and stepped up applying technology solutions in operation management. In addition to smart home/home security, face search – car detector, environment/wastewateral monitoring system, smart water, smart public lighting system, etc, QTSC has continued to implement Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system with the aim to increase labor productivity, improve business efficiency and service quality for our valued customers.

Transferring the method of data collection from manual to automatic and semi-automatic, as well as processing and analyzing data was a giant step in applying new technologies of power sector in general, and QTSC’s power management system in particular. Furthermore, some challenges which the electric power administrators are currently facing such as loss calculation, load forecast also being resolved by QTSC’s system through the collected data.

The AMR system has initially brought outstanding benefits in the management and operation of electric power system:

  • Limit the risks in recording electricity indexes
  • Collect and manage data automatically
  • Save time on importing data by hand
  • Easily monitor and analyze the rate of power loss
  • Easily monitor and analyze load charts for effective management
  • Improve the quality of infrastructure management of the central power system of QTSC
  • Warn of potential problems (overcurrent, over voltage,...) based on collected data
  • Continuously update the total electricity consumption every 30 minutes
  • Synchronize the recording time

In addition, the system also provided some advantages for customers in power consumption management:

  • Control of power loss
  • Adjust power consumption effectively
  • Anti-electricity theft 
  • Save labor costs in totalizing electricity indexes
  • Easily track the management system through website interface

 The management system of AMR solution

The management system of AMR solution

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