QTSC implements SureMEET online collaboration service

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the working style in Vietnam and the world, instead of operating in office, more and more companies encourage people work online, but still ensure work efficiency. In order to support units to run business administration activities effectively, as well as promote digital transformation in enterprises, QTSC has cooperated with Lac Viet company to deploy SureMEET online collaboration service.

Based on Internet platform, SureMEET is an online collaboration solution, including online meeting/learning/conference, with high interaction helping to improve work efficiency, reduce travel costs, do not need to gather people, take advantage of previous investments such as meeting rooms, projectors, cameras, microphones, etc. The meeting terminals can use Windows computers, tablets, smartphones (Android, iOS) to easily connect to the meeting anytime and anywhere in the world via Internet connection or 3G, 4G, 5G data network.

In particular, one unit can create multiple virtual meeting rooms at the same time, each room can support 65+ terminals with high quality. SureMeet can be deployed on QTSC’s cloud (hoptructuyen.qtsc.com.vn) or installed on customer's own server (on-premises). In addition, SureMeet provides Web APIs for data exchange, integration with other management systems such as LMS, e-Learning, HRM (human resource management), etc.

SureMEET is protected through encrypted system and data layers, ensuring absolute confidentiality of users' data. Back-up data fully, when customers finish the service, they can wipe data without worrying about data being leaked.

If you want to learn about the application, please visit the website www.suremeet.vn or contact directly at: Telecom Center of QTSC

 QTSC implements SureMeet Video Conferencing

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