QTSC launched the environment monitoring and management system

As a target to become Vietnam’s first smart city model, in 2017, QTSC has implemented series of technology applications  to improve professional administration system, modernize working environment, enhance customers‘ and investors’ satisfaction. 

The environment monitoring and management system

The environment monitoring and management system (according to QCVN 14:2008), which has been launched  since October, 2017 at QTSC’s concentrated wastewater treatment plant, aims to achieve the following results: 

- Manage the quality of wastewater treatment in QTSC, ensure that urban wastewater is well treated before being discharged into the environment.

- Control the monitoring process to make certain that the wastewater quality is always stable at level B according to QCVN 14: 2008

- Wastewater monitoring data is transmitted directly to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh City in accordance with regulations.

- Constantly control (24 /24h) treated  wastewater quality before being discharged into the environment based on 11 major elements: COD, BOD, oil, TDS / conductivity, TSS, pH, temperature , Ammonium, Nitrate, Sunfua, phosphate, flow.

- Quickly troubleshoot whenever treated wastewater is not up to standards.

- Improve automaticity of wastewater monitoring with advanced and modern monitoring methods.

- Provide reliable, immediate and continuous data so as to promptly detect problems related to treated wastewater quality.

In particular, the environment monitoring and management system is built in synchronization with QTSC’s automatic tree irrigation system. All treated wastewater is reused to irrigate greenery in QTSC, forming a closed circle. It helps limiting the use of groundwater for irrigation, saving the cost of operating wells, thus promote QTSC’s image as a modern and smart software park, as well as a pioneer in applying and providing new technology solutions in environmental management. This system will also create opportunities to develop businesses in environmental management applications for provincial Departments of Natural Resources and Environment; premises that have large volumes of wastewater; industrial parks and concentrated export processing zones in the whole country.

Source: QTSC