QTSC provides Antivirus Services for enterprises

Currently, QTSC Telecom Center has been providing the antivirus service for enterprises using QTSC's Data Center. This system performs a comprehensive security platform for servers but simple and low-priced.

Based on tightly integrated modules, the system can easily expand, ensure security for all servers, applications and data on any type of servers: physical, virtual and cloud as well as on virtual desktop machine.

The Antivirus service guarantees protection by agent or agentless through customizing modules: anti-malware, firewall, IDS / IPS, web application protection, integrity monitoring and log inspection. It also strongly protects enterprises’ applications and data from infringement acts to avoid business disruptions.

Service Features:

  • Virtual Patching: Protect operating system vulnerabilities before they are exploited, eliminate the inefficient operation of emergency patches, significantly reduce system downtime
  • Virtual Desktop và Server Security: Protect Virtual Desktop and Server against zero-day malware, minimally reduce the impact on resources
  • Regulatory compliance, included: PCI DSS 2.0, HIPAA, FISMA/NIST, NERC. SAS70
  • Integrated Server Security: Consolidate all server security products into an integrated, comprehensive, flexible platform, which optimizes protection for physical, virtual and cloud servers
  • Data Protection: Manage access to particularly important data as well as moving data between data centers and private cloud environment/wastewaters
  • Deep Security: Combine advanced technologies such as: Intrusion prevention and integrity monitoring with policy-based management technologies, integration with SecureCloud.

 Mô hình triển khai hệ thống Antivirus

The Antivirus system model

The combination of Antivirus Endpoint and Deep Discovery Inspector (DDI) creates a quick defense against unknown attacks, safely protect from the outside to the internal area of the system.

 Mô hình kết hợp DDI và Antivirus 

Model of DDI and Antivirus combination


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