QTSC provides data backup and restore service

To support our customers assure their business activities and feel safe for data security, QTSC has provided tools and storage capacity on the cloud infrastructure to back up the data safely and quickly.

Service features:

  • Unlimited storage expansion, no service interruption.
  • Encrypt data, automatically set the backup schedule by day, week, month, year.
  • Back up all types of data: file, database, operating system, virtual machine by disk to disk to tape to ensure data security.
  • Fast backup speed.
  • Fast data recovery based on snapshot technology on QTSC's advanced storage system.
  • Unlimited storage of data versions with high safety even if the data is corrupted.
  • Support a variety of operating systems, databases and virtualization platforms such as Windows, Linux, MS-SQL, Oracle.
  • 24 hours/7 days technical support and service consultancy.

Data backup and restore process.

For further information, kindly visit the website www.telecom.qtsc.com.vn  

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