Smart Traffic applied at Quang Trung Software City

As of January, 2018, QTSC has coordinated with GCS Vietnam to pilot the smart traffic management system (Smart Traffic) at several roads around QTSC.

Smart Traffic is used to improve the traffic management quality in the park and move towards commercialization. This system can be applied to traffic systems of cities, districts, industrial parks, etc.

Smart Traffic efficiently applies artificial intelligence and maximizes the application of image data analysis. The advantage of Smart Traffic is the connection with a large number of cameras, especially with the security camera systems which are available on the roads in order to save the cost without buying more new equipments.

Smart Traffic helps detect and warn traffic violations such as the vehicles exceed the speed limits, pass red lights, park in the wrong zone, be listed in the blacklist and so on, as well as detect and alert traffic violations and accidents at the same time.

Also, Smart Traffic can be flexibly updated new traffic rules, easily customized and extended functions, integrated with local traffic maps, and can access the dashboard in the case of heavy vehicle traffic.

Photo 1, 2: Smart Traffic reports detail information of traffic violations such as vehicles’ number plate, violating type, speed and time,
location of cameras record images, etc

 Photo 3: Smart Traffic helps count traffic violations by vehicle type and traffic volume.
This will support the traffic management agencies to easily control, monitor and regulate traffic

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