VMT Solutions: A leading architecture and construction company

The VMT Solutions Ltd., a member of the Villa Digital Engineering AG (VDE), is one of Swiss leading architecture and construction companies.

As an international service company, VMT mainly provides services and solutions for the customers in Swiss, Germany, Austria and the countries using German.

VMT Solutions provides full services from consulting ideas to completing technical drawings. Besides, VMT also provides services of setting drawing from scan files of the work reality (created by 3D scanner). When customers need to renovate all or part of the old buildings without technical drawings, VMT will use specialized software in order to reconstruct 3D image of such works through the images of 3D scanners. Then, VMT will offer solutions to fix the buildings with high aestheticism but maintaining their own architecture as well as help customers have the best expense than building a whole new building.

Step 1: The old building image.

Step 2: Using 3D scanner to scan the whole building to get its size and reality.

Step 3: Based on 3D file to reconstruct the building detail by detail.

Step 4: To show the building’s improvement and interior decorative method.

For more information about VMT Solutions, please visit website: www.vmts.ch

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